About The Show 

Masonic Lite podcast has been around since time immemorial (2015). We looked around at all of the other masonic themed podcasts and saw them all doing the heavy lifting: talking about esoteric stuff, book reviews, history, etc. We decided to go another route. When we sit down we just have a conversation with our guests - not interviews.  None of us claim to be MR. MASON or the authority on any topic, we're just 5 regular Freemasons talking about regular Freemason stuff because 99% of Freemasons are not digging deep into the heavy lifting. Our show is for them.

Our Hosts

Pete Ruggieri & Larry Merris are the official hosts. Jack Harley and Time Dedman came in as guests and never left so we made Jack the "News Desk" and Tim the "Marketing Guy" (even though he doesn't market). Josh Lamberton stepped in as our producer after our original producer went into witness relocation. All the hosts, except for Larry, are Past Masters and have headed up other bodies. However, we just conned Larry into being Grand Tall Cedar so he can become as bitter as the rest of us.